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Hamburg, 16 - 24 November 2019

All screenings take place at the Metropolis cinema (Kleine Theaterstr. 10, 20354 Hamburg)

To Accreditations for the festival and/or the conference.

People without an accreditation can get tickets for the films at the Metropolis cinema.
Price: EUR 7,50 (EUR 5,- for members of Metropolis and those under 16 years of age). Other prices may apply for special events.

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Amphitryon. Aus den Wolken kommt das Glück | Animal Farm | Až prijde kocour (Wenn der Kater kommt) | Chemi bebia / Moâ babuška | Chemie und Liebe | Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (Dr. Seltsam oder Wie ich lernte, die Bombe zu lieben) (cinefest encore) | Er ist wieder da | Evžen mezi námi | Der Hauptmann von Köpenick | Der Herr vom andern Stern | Hin und Her | Land der Liebe | Der Maulkorb | Meine Frau Inge und meine Frau Schmidt | Mein Sohn, der Herr Minister | Moral 63 | Nashville (cinefest Preview) | One, Two, Three (Eins, Zwei, Drei) | The Player | Prípad Barnabáš | Die Sendung der Lysistrata | Das Stacheltier - Kurzfilmprogramm | Die Stadt ohne Juden | To Be or Not to Be (Sein oder Nichtsein) | Der Untertan | Warum die Ufos unseren Salat klauen | Wir Kellerkinder | Wir Wunderkinder | Das Wunder des Malachias (cinefest Preview)| Zeit der Kannibalen | Das zweite Leben des Friedrich Wilhelm Georg Platow |

Saturday 16 Nov | Sunday 17 Nov | Monday 18 Nov | Tuesday 19 Nov | Wednesday 20 Nov | Thursday 21 Nov | Friday 22 Nov | Saturday 23 Nov | Sunday 24 Nov

Additional program:
cinefest Preview (3. + 10. November)
cinefest encore (25. + 26. November)

All films will be shown with an introduction.

Saturday, 16 November

7:00 PM
   Opening Gala   

with Guests and presentation of the Reinhold Schünzel Award to Giovanni Spagnoletti

Opening film:
  Wir Kellerkinder
BRD 1960. Dir: Jochen Wiedermann. 87 min. 35mm.
Wolfgang Neuss, Wolfgang Gruner, Karin Baal, Jo Herbst, Ingrid van Bergen

Wir Kellerkinder

From the basement to the nuthouse – two environments that embody two different worlds for Macke Prinz (Neuss). This satire, written by Wolfgang Neuss, offers an amusing and profound look into Germans’ “unresolved past” from the perspective of a “Kellerkind”.

Sunday, 17 November

12:00 PM   Amphitryon. Aus den Wolken kommt das Glück

D 1935. Dir: Reinhold Schünzel. 103 min. 35mm.
With Willy Fritsch, Paul Kemp, Käthe Gold, Fita Benkhoff


Fearing for the life of her husband who is a commander at war, Theban Alkmene prays to deity Jupiter. Stricken by her beauty, Jupiter travels to Thebes and plots to seduce Alkmene by taking on her husband’s form. Accompanied by the messenger of gods Mercure (also disguised as a mortal), they manage to stir up a chaos among the people through attempted leadership and romance. In a loving way, Schünzel’s satire offers a mocking view of more than just the ancient deities.

Supporting film: PROMETHEUS Olympische Spiele mit dem Feuer
DDR 1955. Dir: Heinz Thiel. 10 min. 35mm.
With Wolf Kaiser, Werner Lierck, Ingrid Ohlenschläger, Carl Schottmann, Gerhard Wollner

2:30 PM    Warum die Ufos unseren Salat klauen
BRD 1979/80. Dir: Hansjürgen Pohland. 91 min. 35mm.
With Tommi Piper, Hildegard Knef, Ursela Monn, Raimund Harmstorf, Gerd Duwner


The cultivation of a mysterious type of super-salad in a small garden colony in West Berlin instigates intelligence agencies to investigate. A highly charged eco-sci-fi-satire with well-known film-greats (Hildegard Knef, Curd Jürgens), well-established Berlin names (Günter Pfitzmann, Tommi Piper) and popular cabaret artists (Herbert Fux, Henning Venske).

Introduction: Lillian Robinson

In cooperation with Bizarre Cinema

5:00 PM    Die Stadt ohne Juden
AT 1924. Dir: Hans Karl Breslauer. 91 min. Silent. DCP.
With Johannes Riemann, Eugen Neufeld, Hans Moser

Die Stadt ohne Juden

Unemployment and ceaselessly inflating prices are troubling the state of Utopia. The anti-Semitic party “Großdeutsche Partei” decides to scapegoat the Jewish people and sets their banishment in motion … As the first cinematic example of an opposition to antisemitism, the film offers a harrowing circumspection of the cultural and economic impoverishment of a city after the eviction of the Jewish population.

Introduction: Christina Wintersteller

Musical accompaniment: Marie-Luise Bolte

7:00 PM    Der Hauptmann von Köpenick
D 1931. Dir: Richard Oswald. 95 min. 35mm.
With Max Adalbert, Max Gülstorff, Käte Haack, Friedrich Kayßler, Hermann Vallentin

Der Hauptmann von Köpenick

A satirical, moving cinematic adaptation of the play with the same name and lead actor, Max Adalbert. His outstanding performance of the shoemaker Voigt – an unlucky “Unglücksvogel” rebelling against the Prussian military machinery and bureaucracy – conveys the films timeless message in a penetrative way and exposes the hazards of blind obedience.

Introduction: Andreas Thein

9.15 PM    Chemie und Liebe
SBZ 1947/48. Dir: Arthur Maria Rabenalt. 96min. 35mm.
With Hans Nielsen, Tilly Lauenstein, Ralph Lothar, Ann Höling, Gisela Deege

Chemie und Liebe
Quelle: BArch, FilmSG 1 Bild-2291-02

A satire by the DEFA foundation, adapted from a play by film theorist Béla Balász, that offers a look into the inconsistencies of capitalism: A chemist develops a method to make butter directly from pasture grass, without needing cows. While the world-market prices are taking a nosedive, the CEOs from many companies are fighting for the patent – and send seductive women to entice the shy inventor.

Introduction: Evelyn Hampicke

With friendly support of   DEFA-Stiftung

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Monday, 18 November

5:00 PM     Wir Wunderkinder
BRD 1958. Dir: Kurt Hoffmann. 107 min. 35mm.
With Johanna von Koczian, Hansjörg Felmy, Wera Frydtberg, Robert Graf, Wolfgang Neuss

Wir Wunderkinder

Kurt Hoffmann’s satire follows two classmates, the idealistic Hans and the opportunistic Bruno, through 40 years of German history – two World Wars, downfalls, and the economic miracle. The film provides a humorous insight into life in Germany during this dark and difficult time. The plot is framed by musical intermissions with Wolfgang Neuss and Wolfgang Müller.

Introduction: Andreas Thein

7.15 PM    To Be or Not to Be (Sein oder Nichtsein)
US 1941/42. Dir: Ernst Lubitsch. 99 min. OV.
With Carole Lombard, Jack Benny, Robert Stack, Stanley C. Ridges, Sig Ruman

Hamlet vs. the Nazis. To help the underground movement in an occupied Poland, a small theater group in Warsaw has to prove their acting talent in real life – in what certainly is both the most important and most dangerous performance of their lives. Lubitsch’s satire uses charm, humor and quite a few bold punch lines to cast an amusing light on life during the Nazi occupation in Poland without crossing the line and making a joke of it.

Introduction: Andreas Brämer

With friendly support of    IGDJ Jüdischer Filmclub

9.15 PM    Er ist wieder da
D 2014/15. Dir: David Wnendt. 115 min.
With Oliver Masucci, Fabian Busch, Katja Riemann, Christoph Maria Herbst, Franziska Wulf

Er ist wieder da - Bild

Almost 70 years after his death, Adolf Hitler comes back to life. The television industry puts him quickly to work as an entertainingly scary imitator of the “Führer”, which enables him to quickly become a national comedy-star, while he simultaneously secretly schemes a renewed seizure of power… This modern-day satire starring Oliver Masucci in the title role, is an adaptation of Timur Vermes’ bestseller.

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Tuesday, 19 November

5.00 PM   One, Two, Three
 (Eins, Zwei, Drei)
US 1961. Dir: Billy Wilder. 110 min. OV. DCP.
With James Cagney, Horst Buchholz, Pamela Tiffin, Arlene Francis, Hanns Lothar, Liselotte Pulver

One, Two, Three

An American Coca-Cola executive in West Berlin, a rebellious Socialist Unity Party comrade from East Berlin and the boisterous daughter of the head of the Coca-Cola-company from Atlanta – these three protagonists are already a wide range of extremes. Wilder’s comedy lets them meet in a fast-paced East-West-farce, loaded with witty wordplay. The mission: to transform the communist into a capitalist and to find a suitable son-in-law for the daughter’s millionaire father.

7.30 PM    Až přijde kocour (Wenn der Kater kommt)
CS 1963. Dir: Vojtěch Jasný. 103 min. ger.Vers. 35mm.
With Vlastimil Brodský, Jan Werich, Emília Vášáryová

Wenn der Kater kommt
BArch, FilmSG 1 Bild-19110-01

With his magical gaze, a tomcat in a traveling circus reveals the true character of everyone in a small Moravian town: liars appear to be purple, lovers red and thieves are colored grey – only children appear in their natural colors. This poetic and satiric fairy-tale is staged in the style of a fantastic ballet and in 1963, it received the Jury Special Prize in Cannes.

Introduction: Milan Klepikov

9.30 PM    Zeit der Kannibalen
D 2013/14. Dir: Johannes Naber. 93 min. DCP.
With Sebastian Blomberg, Katharina Schüttler, Devid Striesow

Zeit der Kannibalen

After two corporate consultants in their hotel rooms learn that their colleagues have been given a promotion and they have not, they start to tear not only each other apart, but also try to pull a young colleague to pieces, and try every psychological trick known in the business… a brilliant and intimate play about financial capitalism with three excellent actors: David Striesow, Sebastian Blomberg and Katharina Schüttler.

Introduction: Judith Ellenbürger

With friendly support of   Mediadesk

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Wednesday, 20 November

4.30 PM   Prípad Barnabáš Kos

CS(SK) 1964. Dir: Peter Solan. 88 min. OV ger.sub. DCP.
With Josef Kemr, Ján Bzdúch, Jarmila Košťová

Barnabáš Kos plays the triangle in a symphony orchestra and always seems to find time for “social engagement” between his rare cues in the music. One day he receives the message that he has been appointed the new orchestra leader. Believing that it must be a mistake, he soon begins finding ways to exploit his new position. A satire with Kafkaesque traits, about abuse of authority, egotistical traits, and personality changes.

Introduction: Rastislav Steranka

7.00 PM    Conference-Opening
with guests and presentation of the Willy Haas Awards

Hin und her
AT 1947. Dir: Theo Lingen. 85 min.
With Theo Lingen, Fritz Eckhardt, O. W. Fischer, Dagny Servaes, Ursula Lingen

Peter Vogel doesn’t know what the world’s coming to. Evicted from the country he lives in, the republic of »Bagatello«, he isn’t able to receive clearance to enter his native country, the monarchy of »Lapalien«. As a victim of bureaucracy, he lives stateless on a bridge between the countries with no end in sight. This hardly known postwar film – adapted from a play by Ödön von Horváth and featuring Theo Lingen – is a rarity worth rediscovering.

Introduction: Heike Klapdor

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Thursday, 21 November

Seniorenkino, from 2:00 PM Coffee and Cake

2:30    Land der Liebe

D 1937. Dir: Reinhold Schünzel. 90 min. 35mm.
With Albert Matterstock, Gusti Huber, Valerie von Martens, Wilhelm Bendow, Oskar Sima

Land der Liebe

An enchanting, happily chaotic operettic movie about deceit, mix-ups and true love. Schünzel creatively uses genre-typical humor to ridicule the Nazi’s police state-pomp and circumstance. After its first screening, Minister Goebbels flew into a fit of rage, the film was temporarily forbidden and cut, and author Curt Goetz was interrogated by the Gestapo. Schünzel had already emigrated weeks before the premiere.

5:00 PM   Das zweite Leben des Friedrich Wilhelm Georg Platow
DDR 1972/73. Dir: Siegfried Kühn. 90 min. 35mm.
With Fritz Marquardt, Gisela Hess, Jürgen Holtz, Volkmar Kleinert, Dieter Franke

BArch, FilmSG 1 Bild-20253-05 / ©DEFA-Stiftung, Dieter Lück

When a 57-year-old level-crossing attendant (Fritz Marquardt) sees his career going slowly off track, he secretly takes his son’s place in an advanced training course… Frowned upon by the DEFA-management and kept quiet about by the press, this satire about the state’s calculated optimism in the »scientific-technical progress« became an insider tip for cineastes.

Guest: Siegfried Kühn

With friendly support of   DEFA-Stiftung

7:30 PM   Der Maulkorb

BRD 1958. Dir: Wolfgang Staudte. 95 min. 35mm.
With O. E. Hasse, Hertha Feiler, Hansjörg Felmy, Corny Collins, Edith Hancke, Rudolf Platte

Der Maulkorb

After a drunken night on the town, a status-conscious prosecutor is told that he has put a muzzle on the statue of the prince – and he doesn’t remember his actions. While an ambitious lawyer tries to solve this crime, his family and friends are do their best to keep him from discovering the truth… an amusing and satirical adaptation of a play written by Heinrich Spoerl.

Introduction: Michael Töteberg

9.30 PM  Evžen mezi námi (Evžen unter uns)
CS 1978-1980. Dir: Petr Nýdrle. 74 min. OV ger.sub. 35mm.
With Jan Kraus, Josef Somr, Jiří Bartoška, Karel Heřmánek

Two forbidden Satires from the Film School in Prague (FAMU): Evžen mezi námi tells the story of a young man arriving in Prague to further a career as a songwriter and succeeds in a “dreamlike” way. Nezvaný host is about a couple that is surprised one night by an invader: it is the Warsaw Pact personified! – Both films were not allowed to be screened until after 1989.

Supporting film: Nezvaný host (Der ungebetene Gast)
CS 1969. Dir: Vlastimil Venclík. 23 min. OV eng.sub. DCP.

Introduction: Tereza Dvořáková

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Friday, 22 November

5:00 PM   Stacheln und Sticheln - Das Stacheltier. DEFA short movies
DDR 1953-1964. ca. 95 min. 35mm.
Der Wintermantel
Der Wintermantel (DDR 1953, Richard Groschopp)
Quelle: BArch, FilmSG 1 Bild-26062-01 / ©DEFA-Stiftung

11 of over 250 satirical short films, created by the DEFA during 1953 and 1964. Delving into topics like supply shortages, “old thinking”, west agitation, and the “correct” cultural-political alignment. Under the direction of Georg Honigmann, a number of well-known filmmakers were involved in creating these films: Author Wolfgang Kohlhaase (Sommer vorm Balkon), writer Günter Kunert (1929-2019), actor Werner Peters (Der Untertan, s. 23.11.).

Introduction: Ralf Schenk

With friendly support of   DEFA-Stiftung

7:00 PM   Mein Sohn, der Herr Minister
D 1937. Dir: Veit Harlan. 80 min. 35mm.
With Hans Brausewetter, Heli Finkenzeller, Hans Moser, Françoise Rosay, Paul Dahlke

Quelle: BArch, FilmSG 1 Bild-11267-01 / Götz-Kilian

Once again, a new French cultural minister replaces the old one. Nothing new for the long-established usher – who has seen a continual coming and going during his career. Until he realizes that the new minister is his own son, who he has not seen for over 30 years. When he publicly tells him off, an outright scandal is born… This antiparliamentary propaganda film by Veit Harlan (Jud Süß) belongs to the “Vorbehaltsfilmen”, which require an introduction and discussion for each screening.

Introduction and discussion: Jan Distelmeyer

9:15 PM   Moral 63
BRD 1963. Dir: Rolf Thiele. 100 min. 35mm.
With Nadja Tiller, Mario Adorf, Charles Regnier, Fritz Tillmann
Moral 63

The arrest of Marion (Tiller) is just the beginning of the film, in which her “Gesellschaft zur Pflege zwischenmenschlicher Beziehungen e.V.”/”society for interpersonal relations” is the crime scene. After her arrest, Marion tells ambitious reporter Rottmann (Adorf) what happened behind the curtain – in exchange for 100.000 mark… A satire by Rolf Thiele about German scandals during the early 1960s.

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Saturday, 23 November

5:00 PM   Meine Frau Inge und meine Frau Schmidt
DDR 1983/84. Dir: Roland Oehme. 86 min. 35mm.
With Walter Plathe, Katrin Saß, Viola Schweizer, Carl-Hermann Risse

Meine Frau

A happily married employee in the GDR is chosen by the Company Medical Officer as the father of her child. After she gives birth the same day his wife’s child is born, he starts to divide his life between two nuclear families… A satirical exchange within an agreeable “L’amour/ménage à trois” which uses comic exaggerations to mock established moral ideals.

Guest: Roland Oehme

With friendly support of   DEFA-Stiftung

7:15 PM   Der Untertan

DDR 1951. Dir: Wolfgang Staudte. 109 min. 35mm.
With Werner Peters, Paul Esser, Blandine Ebinger, Erich Nadler

Der Untertan

The DEFA classic is an adaptation of a satirical novel by Heinrich Mann. Directed by Wolfgang Staudte, Werner Peters is successful in portraying the absolute personification of a bourgeois opportunist: Diederich Heßling, a loyal to the emperor heir of a company, crawls to the bigwigs and bullies the underlings / lives by the kiss-up-kick-down principle…convinced he is serving the national as well as his personal interest, first as student and later as factory owner.

Supporting film: Der König in Thule
DDR 1953. Dir: Richard Groschopp. 5 min. 35mm.
With Werner Peters, Christel Thein, Ulrich Thein, Maika Joseph

Quelle: BArch, FilmSG 1 Bild-26045-01 / ©DEFA-Stiftung

Introduction: Karl Griep

With friendly support of   DEFA-Stiftung

9:45 PM   Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (Dr. Seltsam oder Wie ich lernte, die Bombe zu lieben)

GB/US 1963/64. Dir: Stanley Kubrick. 94 min. OV. DCP.
With Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, James Earl Jones

Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove uses a different method to impress cineastes than contemporary Cold-War-films like Sidney Lumet’s Fail-Safe or John Frankenheimer’s Seven Days in May, utilizing a courageous degree of satirical exaggeration: leading man Peter Sellers shines in three roles: US president Muffle, British Group Captain Mandrake and German scientist Dr. Strangelove.

Introduction: Nils Daniel Peiler

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Sunday, 24 November

12:00 PM   Der Herr vom andern Stern
D 1948. Dir: Heinz Hilpert. 96 min. 35mm.
With Heinz Rühmann, Anneliese Römer, Hans Cossy, Hilde Hildebrand

Der Herr vom andern Stern

After getting lost on his way to the Andromeda Galaxy, an extraterrestrial lands on Earth. Taking on human form, he confronts the population with his extraordinary personality, but without papers he is caught in the web of bureaucracy. In this dystopia, Heinz Rühmann takes on an unusual role for his debut in German post-war cinema.

3:00 PM   Chemi bebia / Moâ babuška

SU(GE) 1929. Dir: Kote Mikaberidze. 80 min. Silent. OV ger.sub. 35mm.
With Aleksandr Takajšvili, Bella Černova, Evgeniy Ovanov

After a managing director is fired, he tries to find new employment with the help and protection of a “grandmother” like job placement officer. This ludicrous comedy uses vanguard instruments and extravagant tricks to satirize negligence and careerism in the early Soviet Union and was kept under wraps for decades.

Introduction: Thomas Tode

Musical accompaniment: Genosse Amtsschimmels Adventure Orchestra

5:00 PM   Animal Farm

GB 1951-54. Dir: John Halas, Joy Batchelor. 72 min. OV. Blu-ray.
Animal Farm

The animals rise up against humans and a turn of events allows a seizure of power by the non-human protagonists. The story inspects and challenges whether or not this could be described as progress… A moving animated movie, which – created during the Cold War and supported by the CIA – is a fitting visualization of the dystopian content of George Orwell’s novel.

Introduction: Julian Petley

With friendly support of   HB Logo

7:00 PM  Die Sendung der Lysistrata

BRD 1960/61. Dir: Fritz Kortner. 103 min.
With Barbara Rütting, Romy Schneider, Karin Kernke, Ruth-Maria Kubitschek


From marital strife to peace – While her movie character Lysistrata calls on the Athenian and Spartan women to deny their fighting men their marital privileges, actress Agnes tries to keep her husband from taking on a research post which might support and increase the possibility of nuclear war. This adaptation of the antique Aristophanes-topic caused a big scandal in relatively early stages of German television.

Introduction: Michael Töteberg

With friendly support of   Studio Hamburg

9:15 PM  The Player

US 1991/92. Regie: Robert Altman. 124 min. OV. 35mm.
Mit Tim Robbins, Greta Scacchi, Cynthia Stevenson, Whoopie Goldberg, Vincent D'Onofrio, Lyle Lovett

The Player

A dark satire about Hollywood, that features everything the film business has to offer: sex, violence, suspense, comedy – maybe even a happy-end? Shortly after Griffin Mill, a studio executive that rejects more scripts than he can count, receives a death threat, a turn of events makes his life start to look like a script he would reject. A film which both idealizes and parodies modern cinema.

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cinefest Preview

Abaton Logo
Allendeplatz 3, 20146 Hamburg

Sunday, 03 November, 5:00 PM


US 1974/75. Dir: Robert Altman. 159 min.
With Barbara Baxley, David Arkin, Ned Beatty, Karen Black, Geraldine Chaplin


USA 1976: The country is immersed in both election campaigns and celebrating 200-years of independence. Presidential candidate Hal Philip Walker plans to appear in public in Nashville, Tennessee, but showbiz is more powerful than politics in the “capital of country music”. Robert Altman’s All-star-film portrays an America in which politics and showbusiness show alarming parallelisms.

Sunday, 10 November, 5:00 PM

Das Wunder des Malachias

BRD 1960/61. Dir: Bernhard Wicki. 125 min.
With Horst Bollmann, Richard Münch, Christiane Nielsen, Günter Pfitzmann, Vicco von Bülow

Wunder des Malachias

How would the humans react, if god caused a miracle? Director Wicki’s answer to this question is a magnificent sweeping blow against the hypocrisy of the economic miracle-society. Using the style of a fast-paced news coverage, this satire shines with a top-class cast consisting of fresh faces and has reminded many critics of Fellini’s »La dolce vita«.

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Monday, 25 November, 8:15 PM (German Version)

Jarrestr. 20, 22303 Hamburg

Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (Dr. Seltsam oder Wie ich lernte die Bombe zu lieben)
GB/US 1963/64. Regie: Stanley Kubrick. 94 min. DF. DCP.
Mit Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, James Earl Jones

The premiere date of Stanley Kubrick’s 7th motion picture was originally planned on November 22nd 1963, but after the fatal assassination of president John F. Kennedy the USA was in a state of shock. The rescheduling of the premiere illustrates how volitile the contemporary short-term political climate, in which the Cold-War satire originated, was.

Tuesday, 26 November, 8:00 PM

Gaußstraße 25, 22765 Hamburg
Tel.: +49-(0)40-3907603

Bodenlose Tatsachen - short movies by Martin Kirchberger
Cinema Concetta Rolle. 79 min. DCP.
Mit Erich Schaffner

An exhibition of works by a master of the “Mockumentary” in Germany: When film maker Martin Kirchberger died in a plane crash in 1991 during the shooting of his satire Bunkerlow, he left behind 9 short movies – products of a “walk on the tightrope, separating fiction from reality”.

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Deutsche Version



Karel Lamač - Filmeuroper zwischen Prag und Hamburg

Anlsslich des 30-jhrigen Jubilums der Stdtepartnerschaft Hamburg – Prag prsentiert CineGraph zusammen mit dem Nrodn Filmov Archiv (NFA), Prag, und dem Metropolis-Kino eine Retrospektive mit Filmen des Schauspielers und Regisseurs Karel Lamač (1897-1952). Programmflyer (pdf)

cinefest 2020 - Ankndigungsflyer

vom 13. - 22. November 2020 findet das diesjhrige cinefest statt: "Kino, Krieg und Tulpen. Deutsch-Niederlndische Filmbeziehungen"
Ankndigungsflyer (pdf)

Das indische Grabmal (1921, Joe May) - auf Blu-ray und DVD!

In der DVD-Edition zum cinefest 2018 ist jetzt der Zweiteiler DAS INDSICHE GRABMAL von Joe May auf Blu-ray und DVD erschienen. Erhltich u.a. bei amazon.



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